About us

About us

We are a volunteer organization that has a mission to help the disadvantaged people in Vietnam. We operate to connect people with local communities in need  Our volunteer programs focus on supporting education, healthcare and well-being for the social support centers and disadvantaged schools. Our programs are based in two locations in Vietnam: Da Nang city and Mekong Delta. Since our foundation in 2004, we have been placing around 2,000 international volunteers in Vietnam. Our programs have been contributing to improve the life quality for around 1,000 disadvantaged people in Vietnam.

We hope our operation will contribute to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals such as: 


At Volunteer Vietnam our volunteers are a vital part of the team. We like to think of ourselves as a family working together to achieve our goals. Our support staff is available to assist our volunteers with whatever they need to get the most out of their trip to central Vietnam. Most of them speak excellent English. They able to communicate with you to help you prepare for your trip, pick up and training on your arrival. They help you as translators when you are at the placement sites. They also help you prepare volunteer activities or plan teaching lessons. Some of staff  live in the volunteer houses and will help you with information when needed.

Viet Dang

The Founder

With a BA in English and many years experience as a volunteer teacher and a volunteer organizer, Viet has been leading his team of staff and volunteers to carry out humanitarian and development projects for many local communities in Central Vietnam. In the Volunteer Vietnam program, he is responsible for working with international and internal partners to create volunteer placements and provides full support to volunteers during their stay. A great thing for Viet is that he can create satisfaction for volunteers during their stay and work and to see their smiles and passion.

Vy Ngo

Da Nang Program Manager 

Vy started working at Volunteer Vietnam in 2014 as the manager of the Step By Step Project with a background in physiotherapy and speech therapy. As supervisor of this project, she will train and help volunteers learn different physiotherapy and speech therapy methods while working with disabled children and the elderly. Vy is also the planner of the weekly work schedule and she will help inform volunteers about the program and accompanies volunteers to the placement sites to conduct volunteer activities.

Ly Nguyen

Volunteer Assistant

Ly has been working at Volunteer Vietnam since 2014 in helping the children and seniors, participating in the teaching programs, preparing additional nutritious food for various programs, and managing the improvement projects. Ly helps organize physical exercise for the elderly and after years of working for the organization, she has a deep knowledge about the programs. Ly will also help train volunteers on arrival and accompanies them to placement sites.

Hien Nguyen

Volunteer Assistant 

Hien started working at Volunteer Vietnam in 2017 as an intern. She will assist volunteers with teaching projects at kindergarten and primary grades children. With a degree in English interpretation and translation, Hien will working out with translating documents and program plans for the team.

Huyen Nguyen

Mekong Program Manager

Huyen is a qualified physiotherapist. She is guiding our volunteers while they are providing physiotherapy to the patients at Mekong Social Support Center. Huyen lives in the volunteer house with the volunteers. She will help prepare meals for volunteers in her free time.



Volunteer Vietnam Our mission is to help the disadvantaged in Vietnam
Address: 112 Hoang Tang Bi street, Da Nang city, Vietnam
Email: welcome@volunteervietnam.net