Healthcare and well-being for disadvantaged people


Volunteers are expected to help local physiotherapists, social workers and our staff to provide therapy exercises, occupational therapy, hygiene education and activities for around 200 disabled people at social support center, children relief home and school for disabilities in Da Nang city. 


The Social Support Center: The center is a permanent home for around 200 homeless and disabled people. You assist with our staff and local physiotherapist and social workers to provide physiotherapy and occupational therapy to around 50 patients.  The Social Support Center has two rehabilitation rooms with a variety of equipment.  The Volunteer Vietnam physiotherapist will show you how to use the equipment and explain what exercises are required for each patient.  You will always be accompanied by a Volunteer Vietnam team member and there are Social Support Center staff there to assist you as well. The center also looks after around 10 abandoned children. You will help with babysitting or physiotherapy for the disabled children.

The School for Disabled Children: It is a daily boarding school for around 200 disabled children. The parents take them to school in the morning and go to work and pick them up later in the day.
The children suffer from both physical and mental disabilities. You work at the school 02 afternoons per week to assist with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and recreational activities.

The Redcross Children Home: This is a foster home for around 25 babies who are abandoned by their parents. Some of them are disabled and some are newborn babies.
The home keeps them surviving and safe and then finds adoption families for them.You work at this home two afternoons per week to assist with baby care.

During the week, you will help for healthcare and well-being program approximately 15 hours. When you are not working in this program, you will be helping out with the education program. You are given a weekly schedule for activities. You will have a meeting each day with a team member to plan for the next day`s activities and make plans for activities. You are always accompanied by a team member at work places, you are never left alone to do the activities.





The day starts at 7.30 am with breakfast at the volunteer house. 

 At 8 am you will travel to your work place by car, driven by a Volunteer Vietnam team member.  You work at the centers and schools from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.  

You return to the volunteer  house for lunch around 12 am.  Your lunch time is from 12am to 1:30 pm.  This time is your free time to do whatever you like.  

At 1:30pm you will come back and work at the centers and schools until 4:30 pm 

Dinner is served at the volunteer house at 5 pm.  In the evening your time is free.  Some options are going out for coffee, going downtown, or getting a massage.

The volunteer's weekly work schedule is approximately  6 hours per day from Monday to Thursday and 3 hours on Friday.

                                                                     FREE TIME ACTIVITIES 



Accommodation: We accommodation you in a comforatble volunteer house ( Green House). You will share the house with other international volunteers who are on the program at the same time with you. 

Meals: We provide you three meals per day and drinking water

Transport: We transport you to work by a safe volunteer car 

Support staff: Our local staff team will teach you about the program on your arrival and accompany with you to the placement sites to help with language translation as well as assist you in volunteering. 


  • Age: 18 years or older 
  • Language skill: Be able to converse in English 
  • Minimum stay on the program : 02 weeks 
  • Program fees: You are expected to pay program fees to join the program


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Volunteer Vietnam Our mission is to help the disadvantaged in Vietnam
Address: 112 Hoang Tang Bi street, Da Nang city, Vietnam