🌾🌾When it comes to the success of our project, the 1-World Charity Shop, which is considered as a primary donor, contributed 10,000 AUD and also provided the transport for our distribution trip🌾🌾. 🎉🎉Thanks to their presents, we could be able to save many underprivileged lives during this worst time. ⁣

With their kind support, we could accomplish in helping a lot of people in comparison with our first aim was just within 50 students at Son Lien commune, Son Tay district, Quang Ngai province that was severely hit by the current storm, and fortunately, the Shop has contributed 10,000 AUD to make a better life for the residents. ⁣

🏡🏡Lots of household families, 🏫🏫schools like kindergarten and primary school, 🍁🍁poor people were given a box of instant noodles, a packet of rice, and an amount of cash directly. Well, the local community was also sponsored a new computer and printer so that they can easily connect to the surrounding world. The Shop also gave the schools some money for repair and for purchasing teaching equipment after the flood. ⁣

Moreover, with their awesome contribution, we could completely help to create a better learning environment for the kids as well as bring a lot of love and attention to those who were left behind. ⁣

🍒🍒🌱🌱1-World Charity Shop made everything possible for all. To our Volunteer Vietnam team, this was such a rewarding trip that we have ever had before! We were so lucky to have you during this trip and felt grateful for that. 🌻🌻Thank you so much for all of your generous devotion and a non-stop contribution from the volunteers, which have gradually been becoming the main inspiration for all of us to move forward and make a big difference for others in the future.🌻

🍄🍄🍄Wishing all the best to your life and your beloved families and friends! We are looking forward to having more trips like this in the future! 🍂🍂

🍀🍀Best wishes!🍀🍀

Volunteer Vietnam We operate to support the underprivileged people . We do this by connecting volunteers with local communities in need in Vietnam.
Address: 112 Hoang Tang Bi street, Da Nang city, Vietnam